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Refurbished, old cross-cut saws have become a favorite "canvas" for D.P. Krupa.  Here, a beautiful country scene depicting an old covered bridge, grist mill and wildlife captured 2nd place honors at the Pennsylvania Wildlife Art Championships at Seven Springs, PA.









If you are interested in obtaining a hand-painted saw, I have many different styles of saws available that I can customize to your specifications.   There is truly no limit to what can be painted on a saw.  Give me a call or drop me an email.

You can see all my saws at our next show; check out our upcoming show schedule on the home page.

Refurbished Saws

Old saws are a wonderful "canvas" to paint on. I have a number of new saws that will be appearing soon on my website.  If you have an old saw that you would like to have refurbished and painted, give me a call or send me an email.

"Pennsylvania Morning"

This is a beautiful example of the artwork that can be completed on an old saw blade.  Here, this 36" X 36" saw-mill blade has been refurbished and painted in oil; a wonderful springtime morning in Pennsylvania. This commissioned piece took First Place in the Masters Division at the 2015 PA Wildlife Art Championship at Seven Springs.

For more information on commissioning a painting simply give me a call or drop me an email.

"Pennsylvania Morning" is Sold.

"The Countryside Brookie"

A wild brook trout with covered bridge, grist mill and old farm. What a beautiful scene.

See Detail Below.


Detail of "The Countryside Brookie" saw

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The Brown Trout Saw

This is a wonderful saw painted in Lacquer and Acrylic: 5 dry flies adorn a brown trout background.



Detail of Brown Trout Saw



The Brook Trout Saw

Another beautiful example of what can be done with an old flea market saw.  This saw was painted in lacquer and acrylic and has 6 wet flies painted along the bottom edge; with a brook trout background.



Detail of The Brook Trout Saw



The Rainbow Trout Saw

I really do enjoy painting these old saws.  Here is the third in the series of trout saws that I finished in Lacquer and acrylic.  This saw has 6 nymphs across the bottom edge with a rainbow trout background.



Detail of The Rainbow Trout Saw




For all your angling art needs: Krupatroutart@comcast.net   Tele: 814-242-8288 or 814-749-7299